31 January 2022 Daily Correspondence Digest for the Southern Hemisphere’s Moon Phase and Planetary Positions

Tarot Card

From Tarotx.net -Thoth Tarot Deck

The Star – Thoth Tarot Deck Major Aracana

Instinct Devoted to moments.
Purpose Introspection, see through the perfection of the Universe, innovate and regenerate.
The Light Hope to be creative (maintain a reasonable concept).
The Shadow Hope to destroy (deny the truth), illusion.
Quality The recklessness, believe in the future.

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From TheRuneSite.com – Gothic Runes


Sound: “p”
Stands for: A Pot (or a Womb)
Casting meaning: The rune Pairthra represents a pot which in turn symbolizes a womb. The Gothic representation of this rune stands for an unexpected resolution to difficult situations.

Witch’s Rune

From OtherWorldlyOracle.com


Triple goddess, life/death/rebirth, trinity, love – romance

Some people read this witches rune as a flower – new life, birth, fertility, love. I tend to read it more like the triquetra – life/death/rebirth cycles, triple goddess, etc. It’s completely up to you how YOU interpret these!


From thepeculiarbrunette.com


Pronunciation – M-win, Moon

Tree Association – Vine

Meaning – Goals are coming to fruition, persuasion, celebration, relaxing, harvesting, and play. Muin wonderfully symbolizes the metaphor of reaping what we’ve sown. Now is a time for pleasure, to rest, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Vine produces grapes which creates wine that allows us to let go of self-conscience thoughts, allowing for creative inspiration, a relaxed altered consciousness, and revealing truths. It also represents deceit, fallacies, or denial of facts. Remember to continuously pursue the origin or source of any information you receive. Proceed with caution before acting on any facts or advice you’ve been given.

If reversed – a sign of extreme indulgence and serves as a reminder that outstanding achievements also require self-discipline. Watch for indications of dishonesty, misrepresentation, or tall tales.

Inscription and Magical Uses – Helpful when seeking creative inspiration, inner growth, seeking truth, spiritual wisdom, or for help with communication.

Folklore – Vine is connected with the Green Man and Bacchus (god of wine) and is often depicted with vine leaves around his head or as a crown.

I Ching

Click here for more detailed information about Hexagram 45

Hexagram Forty – Five/45

Ts’ui / Gathering

The Lake rises by welcoming and receiving Earth’s waters:
The King approaches his temple.
It is wise to seek audience with him there.

Success follows this course.
Making an offering will seal your good fortune.
A goal will be realized now.


This is an important Convergence, and you must be part of it.
Look for the Center of this convergence.
Like waters running to the sea, like an astronomical convergence of planets revolving around the sun, you should let the gravity of this Center draw you near.
Others are also drawn to this Center, and among them you will find shared bonds and kindred spirits.
This tribal convergence will give you a clarity of purpose.
You will no longer be alone.


From astrogle.com

Forty – Five

It is often involved in banking, or international institutions. It struggles to be comfortable with itself. It can be cynical.

Angel Number

From Angel-Numbers.com

Forty – Five

Angels advise you to immediately make life changes you need to do. You already know what needs to change, you are just afraid to make a move. Your true feeling are important and you should listen. Take a deep breath, let your feelings guide you and ask Angels for courage. Don’t ask them to let your fears go away, ask them for courage instead. Positive thoughts are much more powerful. Angels will help you find courage deep inside of you and your doubts will just disappear once you proceed.

Animal Spirit Guide and/or Animal Spirit Helper

Click here for more information about the spiritual meaning for the Octopus from UniGuide.com


Octopus meanings and symbolism include versatility, dexterity, selflessness, intelligence, awareness, regeneration, and infinity. Octopuses live in every ocean on Earth. Thus they are subjects in the mythologies and folklore of people around the world, particularly the cultures in coastal areas. In addition, many people feel a strong connection to these unique invertebrates, considering the octopus spirit animal one of their own. In this post, you’ll learn about octopus symbolism and meanings, octopus mythology and folklore, the octopus spirit animal, and more.

Table of Contents

Etymology of the Name Octopus

What does the octopus symbolize?

Detailed Octopus Symbols and Meanings

Octopus Mythology and Folklore

Octopus Meaning in Oceana

Octopus Meaning in Japan

Octopus Meaning in Buddhism

Octopus Meaning in Hinduism

Octopus Meaning in Greek Mythology

Octopus in Norse Mythology

Celtic Mythology

Octopus Meaning in the Bible

Native American Octopus Mythology

Octopus Spirit Animal

Octopus Power Animal

Octopus Totem

Octopus Dream Meanings

Octopus Tattoo Meanings

Organizations that Protect Octopuses

Crack the Cookie

Wisdom of Buddha

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