Magickal Hearts Coven’s Full Moon Esbat Gathering for Northern Hemisphere on February 16th for Southern Hemisphere on 17 February

Magickal Hearts Coven invites anyone who would like to join us for the Esbat gathering on Wednesday, February 16th/Thursday, February 17. All the information of the Where, When, What You Need and the ritual itself appear below. We hope we see you there!

Since this is the first gathering, we have held in a long time I thought something light and easy would be best. We will be holding Esbat gatherings 4 times a year 2 on the full Moon and 2 on the New Moon. Starting with Ostara we will also be holding Sabbat gatherings. We also have a new coven name “Magical Hearts coven” and will be hosting the gatherings with our sister site that is run by Lady Silver Sage.

Ideas for This Gathering:

Playing a specific song with or without lyrics and/or using a drum, maracas or any type of percussion instrument that has a steady, rhythmical sound to it can help you to go from being in the mundane, hectic everyday world into place of peace, quiet, reflection, and center you for magickal workings or even bring more power to the magick or spell you are doing.

An inexpensive way to make a drum and reuse what would otherwise be thrown away (they cannot be recycled because of the wax coating they have on them) use an empty cylinder-shaped oatmeal box by putting the lid on it and hit it rhythmically. To decorate it if you want to here is one idea on how to do it: take some copy paper or whatever kind of solid color paper you have and glue it to cover the writing on the oatmeal container. Let it sit out in the open for about 24 hours to make sure the glue is completely dry. Then decorate your drum to reflect you and your magickal/spiritual journey you are on. For the one or two sticks you can use to drum with these too can be decorated. People usually use some runes craved into the sticks and/or you can attach a string with bead and/or real bird feathers on one end of them.

Don’t have to time to create your drum than you could by one or just use a plastic bowl and wooden spoon to hit it with. Or just hit to sticks together or clap or snap your hands to the beat of the music.




Socializing starts at 6:00 PM CST


Please do not enter the chat after 7:00 PM CDT. Thank you!



Socializing starts at 11:00 AM AEDT



You need to use this link to get directly into Magickal Hearts Coven’ room. We are going to try this room for the February gathering to see if it works for all of us or not. Lady Beltane will also have her email open the night/morning of the gathering. If you cannot get into the chatroom, please email her at and put CHATROOM in the subject line. I could use some volunteers at 11:00 AM CST on Saturday, February 12th to see home the room works before the gathering. Please email Lady Beltane if you can help out, I only need about 4 to 6 people. Thank you for your help.


Something to use as a drum or percussion instrument

and/or enough room to dance around if you feel you want to

Sing along it doesn’t matter what your voice sounds like if you feel like sing with the song…go for it

A device that can play the I Am Pagan song found on

I Am Pagan Song

A beverage for yourself and as an offering to the esoteric Grandmother

A small snack for yourself and as an offering to the esoteric Grandmother


LADY BELTANE: I walk this circle three times three in the direction the sunrises with the Lady and Lord be side of me. I ask Luna to put us in a dome. I ask Earth to come up to meet Luna, so we reside in a bubble that is out of time and in between worlds.

EVERYONE: Please introduce yourself (first or Pagan name only) and tell us what state or country you are from no towns please

When everyone has their drum in hand and the video ready to play. Type in “ME” please.

Lady Beltane will count down from 5 to 1 in the text. When you see the number 1 turn on the music and start getting the beat of your drum in time with the music and dance and sing or whatever you feel the Lord and Lady are leading you. Let your mind just wander wherever it wants to go. You may receive messages from your Spirit Guides and/or ancestors. If you do listen closely to what they say. This is also a type of meditation. When the song has ended, we will take a minute for those who went into a trance like state to fully come back.

LADY BELTANE: I will call on you one at a time to share the experience you had as you drummed and listen to the song.

EACH PERSON: When you are called upon to share you will have between 2 to 3 minutes to share your experience in this circle. Lady Beltane ask that no one asks to be passed by when called upon to share. Every single person’s experience is important, and we may learn something new from your experience that we didn’t know

LADY BELTANE: I walk this circle three times three in the direction the sunsets with the Lady and Lord be side of me. Triple Goddess and Horned God thank you for helping to protect us and joining our celebration this evening. I ask Luna to take the dome away above our heads. We thank you Luna for helping to protect us and joining our celebration I ask Earth to lower yourself, so we return from the bubble that is out of time and in between worlds. Earth thank you for your help in protecting us and joining our celebration. I have brought us back into the physical plane with reside in.

Our circle is open but never broken. I send each of you blessings of love, joy, harmony, and peace.

Time to visit drink your beverage and eat your snack. Remember to save a sip or two of your beverage and a bite or two of your snack to take outside to give an offering of thanks to the goddesses and gods that were with us this evening/afternoon.

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