Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondences for Friday

From Plentiful Earth – Friday

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Gender: Female

Deities: Aphrodite, Eros, Freya, Venus

Colors: Aqua, Copper Colors, Green, Light Blue, Pink

Crystals: Aventurine, Blue Lace Agate, Copper, Coral, Emerald, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Moonstone, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Selenite

Herbs & Plants: African Violet, Apples, Apple blossoms, Apricot, Barley, Birch, Cardamon, Carnations, Catnip, Columbine, Feverfew, Foxglove, Germanium, Goldenrod, Heather, Hibiscus, Iris, Lilac, Magnolia, Roses, Strawberries, Sweetpea, Thyme

Incenses: Cardamon, Rose, Saffron, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Vanilla, Venus Oil, Yarrow

Energies & Associations: Arts, Beauty, Birth, Fertility, Friendship, Growth, Harmony, Love, Marriage, Music, Nature, Partnerships, Peace, Perfumes, Platonic Love, Lust, Passion, Pleasure, Reconciliation, Relationships, Resolving Relationship Issues, Romance, Sexuality, Social Activities, Transformation

From A Pagan Mess

Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Colors: Aqua, Pink
Keywords: Love, Beauty, Harmony, Affection, Fertility, Romance, Friendship

Fridays are your day if you want to do a spell around love of any kind be it romantic, friendships, family, or self.

Archangel Anael or Archangel Haniel

Again, you can find references of Anael and Haniel to be the same being, however this has not been my experience.

Archangel Haniel  “Grace of God” 

Haniel is the Archangel of life force energy, vibrant well-being, and passion for life. Archangel Haniel will nurture you, cleanse your being and transmit any worry or  lower vibrations back into the light. Haniel also offers protection, harmony, and grace and will assist you in staying poised and centered amidst changes or new beginnings.

Archangel Anael “Joy of God” 

Anael is an archangelic being of love and joy. Anael in Hebrew literally meaning “Joy of God” or “Grace of God”.

Anael offers guidance and frequency in support of all relationships, artistic matters, creativity and anywhere study, teaching and learning are involved.

From Angel Fire – Saturday

Saturn: binding, protection, neutralization, karma, death, manifestation, structure,reality, the laws of society, limits, obstacles, tests, hard work, endurance, real estates, dentists, bones, teeth, farm workers,separation, stalkers, murderers, criminals in general, civil servants, justice, maths, plumbing, wills, debts, financing, joint money matters, discovery, transformation, relations with older people

SATURDAY Ruled by the Roman God of the harvest and planting.

New starts and firmly planting your seeds of intention or good focuses on Saturday.

Saturn Rituals: Disciplining ourselves.

Element: Earth

Colour: Black and sometimes purple

Number: 3


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