Customized Mentor-Course

Hello Magickal Soul!

If you’ve been looking for a safe, positive, Magickal place to call your Witch-Sister Home, then I Welcome You to The Academy of Internationa Witch-Crafting©.

I offer Witchcraft Courses, and I also offer Personalized, One-On-One Witchcraft Mentoring. Please be aware that even though I am 57 years old, I do not know everything about Witch-Crafting and neither does any other Witch, obviously, as we are always growing and learning, and life is, and always will be a work in progress as long as we are breathing.

However, I do have over 2 decades of Witch-Crafting experience and would be quite happy to share with you, the secrets, Spells, and Rituals that I have forged and formed – in order to successfully attain that which I desire.

I would be proud to be your Witch-Crafting Mentor, and quite glad that you’ve chosen me, Lady Silver Sage, for this responsibility because it would be a chance for me to help another human rise up and become more of the successful, knowledgeable, creative Witch that they desire to be.

To acquire my Witchcraft Mentoring Services, simply choose a total of 15 subjects from the list of links below in which you desire to excel, and I will put them together as a personalized mentor course which will suit your needs. Then, send your message to me at so we can then discuss how to proceed.

Here are the links to the subjects I offer:

Witchling Course© (Year & A Day) –

Female Empowerment Witch-Crafting – Course© (F.E.W.) –

Foundational Fast Track Course© –

Protection & Defense Fast-Track Course© –

Your Keys To Success in Ritual & Spell Crafting – Fast-Track Course© –

Candle, Poppet, & Folk Magick – Fast Track Course© –

Collaborating With Your Ancestors – Fast-Track Course© –

If you have additional topics, please let me know and we can discuss them.

Also, I am available for my students on WhatsApp (possibly Skype), and also through email.

Stay Safe, and Stay Curious!

Blessed Be,