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What Is Animism? | Modern Animist

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You Are Invite to Attend Heart Spirit’s Coven’s Gathering

Tonight you are invited to attend Heart’s Spirit Coven’s New Noon Gathering. It is being help via SKYPE with just typing for this gathering. To find Lady Beltane on SKYPE either use the following email or her user name LadyCarlaBeltane. The link for the Skype room is Here avatar is a witch dressed in orange drinking a cup of tea and reading a book. For the Northern Hemisphere we will start with a meet and greet at 5:30 PM CDT with the circle being cast at 7:00 PM CDT. For the Southern Hemisphere we start with a meet and greet at 8:30 AM AEST with the circle being cast at 10:00 AM AEST. To find your local starting time please use this link

The topic for this ritual is “Helping to stop the wildfires in Arizona, USA.” To see the full ritual please use this link to

Watch Witch Quickie Wednesday – Self Love “Elixer” Step By Step

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Witch Quickie Wednesday – Magickal Marigold/Calendula Flower (Herb)!!

Welcome to Witch Quickie Wednesday! Time to learn about Marigold/Calendula – magickal and medicinal benefits and uses!

Tomorrow (22 April 2021), is the day that the witch-crafting course starts, however, if you would like to enroll but can’t get your application in
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The novice course is $50, however, if you can’t pay it all at once, just let us know and we’ll work something out 🙂
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