If you would like to be the owner of any of the items below, just message me under the contact section so you can make the listed donation amount through PayPal. The donation amount is listed on every product.

All of the beautiful products shown below are handmade here in Germany, and there’s a lot of quality, time, magick, and love invested in it.

Self-love ring – Donation of $7.79 6,52
This Self-love ring is imbued with love, understanding, and kindness towards yourself. The power of Rose Quartz is gentle, yet mighty and will help to give you the strength and belief you need to love yourself.

Self Empowerment Ring Donation of $9.75 8,15 Each Self Empowerment ring is imbued with positive power, and a swish & flick of magick to help the wearer realize that r their power does indeed come from within, AND that their power is most definitely real and waiting to be tapped into.
Only available in the round shape until further notice.


“OM” bracelet (Hand-made in Germany)

Donation of $10 8,38 for this  “OM” bracelet made of wooden,Lava stone, Hematite, and Garnet beads. The OM symbol is Nickel-free.

Donation of $6 5.03 for this set of Glass heart earrings with wooden bead, great for helping the wearer to ground themselves.
Donation of $4 €3,35 for this pair of Spiraled Path earrings. Most everyone has a very rush rush, busy life, so these Spiraled Path earrings would be the perfect thing to help you stay on your path. Stainless steel, nickel free!

 Donation of $9.56 €8,- for this necklace of soft-pink, Rose Quartz crystals in resin with uplifting sparkles. A leather neck-band with lobster-claw clasp is included in the donation amount.

Donation of $8.75 €7.32 for this magickal gold colored pentacle, set in crystal clear resin. The leather band with lobster claw clasp is included.

Donation of $8.75 €7.32 will be accepted for this powerful, silver colored, Ankh which is, set in crystal clear resin. The leather band with lobster claw clasp is included.