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Angel Messages + Oracle Card for the week of 12 October 2020 by

Angel Messages + Oracle Messages for the week of 12 October 2020
This is coming into your life…are you ready for it?! Don’t waste your chance!

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An Introduction to Crystal Balls and The Art of Scrying by Excellence Reporter


When it comes to spiritualism and mediums, the art of fortune telling and so on, there is often a lot of preconceptions people have. Take scrying, for example. The art of scrying – the act of gaining insight or revelation by becoming in touch with your unconscious mind through a medium – has often been misrepresented in modern times. In our multimedia age of television, the internet and movies, scrying has often been presented as simply gazing into a crystal ball and seeing the future spelled out with certainty before our eyes. We all know the cliché: a person visits a strangely-dressed woman in a dark and smoky room, and the woman gazes into a crystal ball and reveals the future of the aforementioned individual – usually for a hefty fee.

But there’s so much more going on when it comes to the art of scrying. Did you know, for example, that it’s an age-old practice that in fact goes back to the days of ancient Persia – and is even referenced in the Hebrew Bible? It is a shame then, in some ways, that such an ancient and much-revered practice – indeed, you could say way of life – has been allowed to become distorted and misrepresented in our point-and-click information age. It would be much better to learn the facts about scrying from those who still practice it today, rather than allow ourselves to be seduced by media images and false representations.

So What Exactly is Scrying?

Scrying, as mentioned above, has sometimes come to have a bad rep in our culture – usually through quite ill-informed people presenting it in an oversimplified and clichéd way. In point of fact, scrying is an attempt to obtain some form of revelation, prophecy or spiritual guidance by tapping into a person’s unconscious mind, or the collective unconscious of the universe we inhabit. There is no single, correct way to practice the art of scrying. It does, however, always center around the use of an appropriate medium, which the individual practicing the art deems to be an effective spiritual tool. Scrying can be performed using mediums such as fire, wax, oil, clouds, or even a person’s iris. Usually, though it is performed using one of the more simple or readily-available mediums that have a shiny or reflective surface, such as mirrors, water, or the time-honored crystal ball.

When it comes to using a crystal ball, or any of the other mediums listed above for that matter, it is important that the scryer focuses their mind intensely. It can be helpful for them to use deep breathing or meditation techniques in order to fully relax their mind and become fully ‘in the moment’. Only in this way can the revelations or inspirations become known to the scryer – and it can apparently take many years of training and repeated practice in order to fully develop a person’s power of spiritual revelation through the art of scrying. The clients who visit professional scryers often tend to be people who have lost their sense of direction in life, and who is looking for a sense of purpose and meaning, as well as

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