Acts of Kindness


Originally by Simple Pilgrim

As I think you know the rocks I paint are hidden to be hopefully found. I’m not sure if it is the same elsewhere but in the UK there are Facebook groups where found rocks can be posted. I write the address for my local group on the reverse of the rock.

Mostly the rocks are hidden and never heard of again but once in a while someone posts that they have been found. The happiness these found rocks generate never ceases to amaze.

This just gets me thinking if everyone on the planet just did a daily random act of kindness for someone they didn’t know what a transformed place the Earth could be.

Woman brings home elderly shelter dog to make him happy in final years

Pure love and kindness ❤☺

“This Girl Was Getting Bullied. How These People Reacted Will Amaze You.”

Let’s all help one another. It’s not hard.

Bright Blessings to you and your.

The Silver Sage Witch of witchcraftandmore.com


“Guy Brings 300 Dogs Into His House During A Hurricane | The Dodo Heroes”

Thank you and Blessings to all of the helpers in this world!