Animal kindness

“This Pigeon Adopted a Teeny-Tiny Chihuahua | The Dodo Odd Couples”

Good Tuesday morning! Time to put a smile on your face and extra happiness in your soul.

This is such a sweet video and I really hope you’ll watch and enjoy it.

The Silver Sage Witch of

Watch “GATHER TRAILER 03.10.20”

Greetings my family and friends. I hope that today finds you doing well.

I just saw the trailer called “Gather,” and I feel the need to recommend it to each and every one of you. I truly hope you’ll be able to see this movie/documentary, as it looks like just the type of information we all need at this time to help us all become unified and find our decency and help support one another.

Blessings to you and yours, The Silver Sage Witch of