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February 12 Daily Divination Journal

Tarot Card

From Tarotx.com Click here to read more about 2 of Disks from the Crowley Tarot | Thoth Tarot Deck

2 of Disks

Instinct Change.
Purpose Transfer.
The Light Flexibility is the positive side of change.
The Shadow Unstable.
Quality Polarity (at a higher level, all opposites are just illusions or different natural products of the same energy stream)

Menu of Contents

I. Analyze and describe 2 of Disks Thoth Tarot

II. Interpretation of 2 of Disks Thoth Tarot

1. Energy

2. Inner

3. Career

4. Sentiment

III. Similar correlations of 2 of Disks Thoth Tarot

IV. 2 of Disks Thoth Tarot symbolism

V. 2 of Disks Thoth card in the upright and reverse

1. Upright 2 of Disks Thoth card

2. Reversed 2 of Disks Thoth


From white-magic-help.net


Initiation, Something Concealed, A Secret Thing

Deep, inner trans formative powers are interacting, but what you are going to get out of them isn’t easy to recognize.  An integrity – concealed, disguised, secretly hidden.  After all, what is going to heal us and our soul is a deep mystery.  On the side of the material world there probably will be surprises; unexpected profits are nothing to be excluded.  Nothing less than a renewal your spirit is the risk you take.  The old way found its end:  You simply cannot repeat the old things any longer without suffering.  However, you always have a chance:  Either you see all negative as a “misfortune”, or you recognize the entire as a hindrance stretch, an inaugural way that you have to follow at this moment.

Witch’s Rune

From psychic-revelation.com

The Moon

Keywords: Change.

Meanings: The “x” marks represent the four main phases of the moon and so you can expect changes to happen within the next 28 days. This is a particularly feminine stone and often appears in response to questions about women’s issues. The Moon rune is a messenger. It is telling you to be aware that major changes are coming to your life. Consult the runes closest to it to determine whether those changes are negative or positive.


From LearnReligions.com


C, sometimes read as K, is Coll, which is the Hazel tree. August is known as the Hazel Moon, because this is when Hazel nuts appear on the trees–the world Coll translates to “the life force inside you”, and what better symbol of life than the nut itself? Hazel is associated with wisdom and creativity and knowledge. Sometimes it is connected in Celtic lore with magical springs, sacred wells, and divination.

Hazel was a handy tree to have around. It was used by many English pilgrims to make staffs for use upon the road–not only was it a sturdy walking stick, it also provided a modicum of self-defense for weary travelers. Certainly, it could have been used as well for ritual. Hazel was used in weaving of baskets by medieval folk, and the leaves were fed to cattle because it was believed this would increase the cow’s supply of milk.

In the Irish myth cycles, there is a tale that nine hazel nuts dropped into a sacred pool. A salmon came along in the pool and gobbled up the nuts, which then imbued him with wisdom. A variation of the story appears in the legend of Finn Mac Cumhail, who ate the salmon and then took on the knowledge and wisdom of the fish. Note that Mac Cumhail is often translated as Mac Coll.

Coll Correspondences

Mundane Aspects: Take advantage of your own artistry or creativity, and share your knowledge with others so they too can practice these arts. Lead by example, and teach those who wish to learn. Find inspiration for your creative gifts, whatever your talent may be.

Magical Aspects: Let the divine guide you in your creative journey. Speak to the gods through your art, and be rewarded with inspiration. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, call upon the Divine to send you a Muse.

I Ching

From IChingOnline.net – For more information about Hexagram 48

Hexagram Fourty – Eight 48

Ching / The Well

Deep Waters Penetrated and drawn to the surface:
The Superior Person refreshes the people with constant encouragement to help one another.

Encampments, settlements, walled cities, whole empires may rise and fall, yet the Well at the center endures, never drying to dust, never overflowing.
It served those before and will serve those after.
Again and again you may draw from the Well, but if the bucket breaks or the rope is too short there will be misfortune.


There is a Source common to us all.
Jung named it the Collective Unconscious.
Others hail it as God within.
Inside each of us are dreamlike symbols and archetypes, emotions and instincts that we share with every other human being.
When we feel a lonely separateness from others, it is not because this Well within has dried up, but because we have lost the means to reach its waters.
You need to reclaim the tools necessary to penetrate to the depths of your fellows.
Then the bonds you build will be as timeless and inexhaustible as the Well that nourishes them.


numeroscop.net For more information on number 7


The main strength of the Seven is the ability to think. Think for real. That is, they can set a question and then use logic, erudition and insight to find the answer.

In fact, quite a few are capable of doing such, which gives you a distinct advantage in most situations. It is quite natural that people regard you as a wise advisor.

Another positive quality is your inner tranquility. You can fire up and start yelling because of any trifle, but it is virtually impossible to bring you out of balance and make you lose your head.

Negative qualities

Clearly negative features of the Seven are their…

Angel Number

From Angel Numbers – Number 7


Continue in good work, you are on the right path with your life.

Animal Spirit Guide or Animal Spirit Helper

For more information about the Cobra from spiritanimaldreams.com


The cobra spirit animal is one of the most active spirit guides. When this totem animal finds you, it wants you to become active, as well.

Likely, you have been doing too little to elevate your life. Alternatively, it could be that you have been going about your life the wrong way.

The cobra spirit animal locates you to guide you in the right direction. It will give you the wisdom you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

This spirit guide is keen to draw attention to your skills and abilities. By embracing the spirit of the cobra, you become more courageous and self-confident.

The best time to call for help from the cobra spirit is when you need the inspiration to overcome life’s challenges.

If you feel that you have been working hard with little to show for it…

Crack the Cookie

Wisdom of Buddha

Yearly Horoscope 2022 Predictions

SunSigns.Org is pleased to present you with Horoscope 2022 for various sun signs. An individual’s life has many facets, such as profession, finance, love, sex, relationships, family, wellbeing, and education. Knowing how well you fare in each in the coming year is essential.

Human beings are subjected to the influence of various planets, and there are 12 zodiacs. The zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. All of us are eager to have an inkling about our future in the coming year 2022. Horoscope 2022 gives you general guidance based on astrology for the year.

Be prepared to face significant transformations in your life during the year 2022. These modifications will be for your good and cover many areas such as professional career, love relationships, and overall future. You have to be careful while making important decisions while making these changes.

You may have to tread into entirely green areas which are futuristic in technology and science. Also, new innovative ideas clash with old traditional thoughts, and you will be stuck between the two. Your progress in life during 2022 depends upon how you can negotiate through these conflicts and forge ahead.

You can have horoscope 2022 predictions for all the star signs free of cost. All you have to do is to click on the correct horoscope. You will get a detailed report on prospects in the various fields from profession to health. Predictions for the year are available right now for you as well as your friends and family members.

Aries 2022

The year 2022 for Aries people will be about collaborations and affiliations. Single people will get into love partnerships. Joint business ventures will succeed. There will be fresh ideas, and you will be busy with the execution of new investments. Married life will be harmonious and will see an accumulation of wealth. There will be more romance and sensuality.

You will be careless about your fitness and diet routines. It is essential to relax and come out with a new hobby or exercise. If you want to succeed this year, do not be aggressive. Listen to others and take them along.

Get complete details by clicking on Aries Horoscope 2022.

Taurus 2022

The year 2022 promises to be an incredible year for Taurus professionals. They can expect promotions to higher levels along with financial benefits. Business ventures which were dormant will come to life, and you will succeed. You will try to accommodate the views of others. Venus will stimulate your romances this year. There is scope for pregnancy.

Jupiter and Mars will make relations peaceful and harmonious. Your social contacts will encourage you to complete projects, and Jupiter will help you achieve success in ventures. Mars will help you to maintain health, and you will be busy with a new hobby.

Get complete details by clicking on Taurus Horoscope 2022.

Gemini Horoscope 2022

Planet Venus will help the Gemini star sign to shine in artistic projects this year. It would help if you went by your moods, and inspiration should be the guiding factor. Saturn will help to plan your life and strive to attain excellence. The beginning of the year will be turbulent for relationships. Venus will help you to regain romance during the latter half of the year.

You will succeed in business projects during the second quarter of the year with the help of Mars. It is essential to focus on a fitness and relaxation program you like to maintain your wellbeing. Try to do things that are possible during the year instead of aiming too high.

Get complete details by clicking on Gemini Horoscope 2022.

Cancer 2022

Cancer people tend to put others before themselves and go out of the way to help others. To avoid misuse by others, you should educate others to help themselves during the year 2022. You will be able to accomplish projects during the first and last quarter of the year with the help of Jupiter.

Love and relationships will bloom after the first quarter of 2022 with the help of Venus and Mars. Jupiter will help you to form new contacts this year and use them to succeed in your ventures. Particularly, the last quarter of the year will be highly encouraging.

Get complete details by clicking on Cancer Horoscope 2022.

Leo 2022

Leo professionals will progress in their careers during the beginning of the year as Jupiter is positive. Finances are excellent with a good flow of money. Saturn may help you in getting unexpected wealth. People in confirmed relationships will get married, and the family environment will be harmonious.

Health prospects are tentative during the latter half of 2022. Children will progress slowly. They will succeed in competitive examinations. Travels, including foreign trips, are likely, and this will help to advance in your career. You will achieve in life through diplomacy and elegance.

Get complete details by clicking on Leo Horoscope 2022.

Virgo Horoscope 2022

Virgo zodiac will succeed in their jobs and financial activities due to their hard work and inspiration. Jupiter will help to know your necessities. You will be able to prosper financially with the help of family and friends and the positive aspects of Jupiter.

Saturn and Jupiter together will help to maintain peace and harmony in the family atmosphere. Mars will help you to accomplish projects, and you have to stick to the requirements. Relaxation and sports activities can achieve emotional health. Marriages of children are on the cards during the year 2022.

Get complete details by clicking on Virgo Horoscope 2022.

Libra 2022

Jupiter and Saturn will present Libra individuals with prospects of managing their lives as per their choice and in a superior manner during the year 2022. Business partnerships might have problems, and professionals will have a reasonable period. Income too will increase along with expenditure.

Venus and Mars are favorable for love and romance. Single persons will get into instant relationships. The family atmosphere will face a few conflicts. You should avoid taking unnecessary risks in ventures, and it will lead to success. You can tackle stressful situations with exercise and relaxation.

Get complete details by clicking on Libra Horoscope 2022.

Scorpio 2022

The year 2022 presents plenty of shockers for Scorpio people. Professionals will excel in their jobs. Financial rewards will be excellent, while expenses are meager. Social life will be fabulous. Jupiter will shower you with more luck while Saturn tends to regulate it.

Love life will be delightful in the last quarter of the year. In all ventures, you have to listen to others and go by their ideas. Health will be fluctuating, and during taxing, times relax with meditation. Students have opportunities for education overseas.

Get complete details by clicking on Scorpio Horoscope 2022.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2022

Jupiter and Saturn will give different indications for Sagittarius personality during the year 2022. You can accomplish objectives by being pragmatic and prudent. On the financial front, you have to devise a plan for fiscal prudence if you have to remain afloat.

The family atmosphere will be harmonious during the second half of the year. Projects will take off during May and October due to the influence of Jupiter. You have to be realistic in your expectations. Health can be maintained by exercise and recreation.

Get complete details by clicking on Sagittarius Horoscope 2022.

Capricorn 2022

The year 2022 will be both promising as well as messy for Capricorn individuals. You have to double your efforts to succeed in the job as well as monetary situations. Hard work and tension will impact your health, and you will also vitiate the family atmosphere.

Children will have a tough time during the year. If they are of marriageable age, they will tie the knot. The year is favorable for students to pursue higher education. Do not be deterred by tough situations, and always think of alternatives.

Get complete details by clicking on Capricorn Horoscope 2022.


Aquarius 2022

Saturn and Uranus will impact Aquarius zodiac sign in opposite ways. You have to be guided by the advice of family and friends on how to get over challenges during the year 2022. You will do well on the job front, but income will be balanced by expenditure.

The last half of the year will be promising for love relationships. Success in your projects is guaranteed in the previous quarter of the year. You have to relax enough to get over the anxieties and worries of your daily life. Lean on others to achieve your goals.

Get complete details by clicking on Aquarius Horoscope 2022.

Pisces 2022

Pisces people should be prepared to face the vagaries of life during the year 2022. You have to handle these situations with an optimistic outlook. Be persistent to achieve your objectives in life. Finances will be tricky with mounting expenses.

Family life will be full of tension as you will not be able to devote enough attention. The beginning and end of the year will bring good results in ventures because of Jupiter. Health will be full of vitality despite the various challenges. Follow your instincts to succeed this year.

Get complete details by clicking on Pisces Horoscope 2022.

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