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Magical Thinking: Living Your Life By The Moon By Gala Darling

I believe that one of the major reasons people feel lost, sad and disconnected from reality is because we’ve replaced nature (getting outside, walking on the grass, enjoying a cool breeze or splashing in the ocean) with technology (sitting inside, in the air conditioning, staring at a screen for hours on end). In a lot of ways, I think we’re detached from the seasons, and I believe it has a much greater negative effect on us than we realise.

It’s not difficult to get back in touch with the elements, though: all it takes is a decision and then a little bit of effort. For example, using the Moon to guide you is simple. You do see it in the sky most nights, after all!

Below, I’ve gone through each phase of the Moon, in addition to explaining what to do at each time. You might want to print it out and put it on your wall for easy reference.

By the way, for thoroughly modern magic, you can add the phases of the Moon to Google Calendar! It’s really easy to do. Open Google Calendar in your browser, and on the left hand side, you’ll see a month view, a heading which says My Calendars and a heading which says Other Calendars. Click on Other Calendars, and select Browse Interesting Calendars from the menu. Under More is the Phases of the Moon calendar. Click Subscribe and your calendar will show the phases! Brilliant!

doki-doki! The New Moon

As the Moon phases move from new to full, the Moon appears to get bigger and brighter. This period is called “waxing”, and is the most fertile time in the Moon’s cycle. It’s a great time to try and get pregnant, but if babies aren’t on your list, it’s also a fantastic time to create and conceive of new projects.

In Kundalini yoga, they say that the New Moon is the time when we have the lowest

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Reiki for Your Spirit Animal by Carrie Anderson


During my metaphysical studies, I took a class on Animal Totems. I have always known that the animal that I have the most connection to is a coyote. So, it was no surprise, when following the meditation and directions to discover my animal totem, that a coyote appeared. Even my deck of Animal Medicine cards showed Coyote at the top animal for me. I have used Reiki in several ways to connect with Coyote. Whatever your spirit animal may be, I hope you can use these ideas as a way to strengthen your connection, too.

Even though Coyote is my spirit animal, I do what I can to understand and support coyotes that are here now. I read books on coyote behavior and life cycles. I support organizations that educate the public about coyotes. I donate to wildlife rehabilitation centers that rescue and release coyotes. I follow different places that post to social media about coyotes in their local area.
Whenever a coyote that is injured is shown online, I spend time sending it distant Reiki healing. If there is a post about an injured coyote then it usually has a photo, documents the injuries and illness and, possibly its location. I volunteer to give distant Reiki healing to animals in need. Whenever I receive a request, it contains the same information, so I use the same process for the domestic pets in need, as I do, for coyotes. If you are a level 2 Reiki practitioner then it’s a pretty straightforward distant healing session. I meditate for a few moments, state the intention of sending Reiki for the animal’s highest good. Then, I make the symbols, three times, for Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and Cho Ku Rei. If I do have a photo, then I use that as a way to focus the Reiki. If not, then I use the information about location and injury as part of the intention and focus the Reiki energy.

I have tried, many times, to spot a coyote and have never succeeded. I have gone out hiking in the early hours of dawn in areas where coyotes live. I’ve learned to identify their tracks and scat. On vacation, I look for their leftover feasts of fish that have washed ashore, then follow their tracks as far as I can. I have talked to naturalists and biologists and learned how to hear their calls. However, I don’t think I am destined to ever see one.Reiki for Your Spirit Animal

Image by 1820796

One time, my husband and I were out for the day at a local park. He wanted to go for a hike, but it was a hot summer day and I said that I would prefer to sit in the shade. Two hours later, my husband came back and said that it had been the most amazing hike, ever. A coyote came out of

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