Angel Channeling & Messages for the week of 14 June 2021

May you be Blessed with understanding, balance, love, magick, and peace.
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Witch Quickie Wednesday – Self Love “Elixer” Step By Step

Self Love “Elixer” Step By Step

Perhaps it’s time that you stop being so hard on yourself….
We all go through times when the love of self could use a boost and that’s what we’re doing here today. Nope, not wearing any makeup today…except for a bit of lippy (which clung to my tooth….argh!!)
I’ll be showing you how to make a Self Love Elixer that is drinkable (if you’re not pregnant, nursing, or allergic to Peppermint, Lemon Melissa, or Oregano). It’s also good for use in a Self Love Bath!

Blessed Be,
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