Healing With The Full Moon By Lady Silver Sage

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Did you know that you can use the energy of the Full Moon to help you heal yourself, others, Mother Earth, or even your love life? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s true, you can. In fact the power of the Full Moon is incredible and it can really rev up your rituals, spells, prayers, or any other method you would like to use.

I’ll list a few easy and quick ways below on how you may want to do this:

  1. inscribe your intentions into a candle, light it, and then then meditate on it.
  2. Draw yourself a hot bath, visualize that the water that’s running out of the faucet is moon energy that you will soon sit down in. Add different herbs that correspond with your desire into the water, then, sit down in your bath and meditate on your desire.
  3. Think about your desire and then write it down on a piece of paper (doesn’t matter what type), and then carefully burn it in a fire proof bowl…in a safe area. As the smoke rises, envision your desire coming into reality.
  4. Pick out a quartz crystal and imbue it with your intention or desire then always have it on you as a reminder as you bring it into reality. By the way, if you don’t have a quartz crystal, you can use any type of stone, it’s just that a quartz crystal tends to work a little better.
  5. Something that’s really easy to do and very unnoticeable by people around you that might be opposed to your practices would be to imbue your food, or a beverage with Full Moon Energy. A cup of tea, for example, would be an excellent choice because tea us made from a multitude of different herbs, so, if, let’s say, you’d like to pep up your love life, I would suggest imbuing rose petals with a love incantation (during the FM), add them to your tea, let it sit under the sun for a while, and then as you drink it, envision that, which you desire as happening.

These are just a few quick but powerful ways you can use the power of the Full Moon, which is coming up on the 19th of this month. Goooood luck! The Power is within YOU!

Blessed Be,

Lady Silver Sage of witchcraftandmore.com & The Academy of International Witch-Crafting©

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