Step By Step – Fixing A World-Peace Candle (carving, loading, & anointing)

Greetings Magickal Souls!
Our Topic: “Fixing” A World-Peace Candle (carving, loading, & anointing)

(I do apologize for the inconvenience that the two technical mistakes in this video may have caused. The next video will be correct. Thank you for your understanding).

I’ll be showing you, step by step how I fix a world peace candle, AND, I invite you to light a candle of your own, with me, during this video to help elevate the positive energies of this world to help put a stop to war, mean-ness, evil, animal & human trafficking and the all-around nastiness and hatred that the lower-level entities in this world are wreaking havoc upon our earth with.

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We, together, can and will make it better!
Blessed Be,
Lady Silver Sage, aka. The Silver Sage Witch of:
– A Witches Life
– &
– The Academy of International Witch-Crafting©


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