Mugwort Magic Properties & Uses by The Otherworldly Oracle (aka Kitty)

Mugwort Magic Properties & 6 Powerful Uses


Mugwort Magic Properties & 6 Powerful Uses

Mugwort is one of this witch’s favorite magical herbs. I know I’m not alone as a mugwort fanatic! Witches have used mugwort for centuries magically and medicinally for a multitude of reasons. Learn all about mugwort, mugwort’s magical properties and 6 witchy uses.

What is Mugwort?

Mugwort, species Artemisia vulgaris, is a flowering perennial herb with a long history in the medical and magical realms. Notice anything special about the genus name Artemisia? Artemis-ia. Artemisia is a popular Greek name for girls and means “Gift of Artemis”, tying this powerful herb to the Wild Goddess of the Hunt herself. Mugwort grows wild throughout Europe, Asia and North America and has been used for culinary, magical and medicinal purposes for centuries.

Mugwort As Food & Medicine

In Europe, mugwort is used to flavor the Christmas goose. It has a bitter taste that is typically used to flavor heavy meat dishes. In Japan and Korea, mugwort flavors soups, stews and traditional desserts. Too much of mugwort is not a good thing, though. Then again, I don’t think you’ll want to eat it in high quantities!

Medicinally, mugwort is used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine for various ailments including cardiac complaints and Prenatal care. The indigenous tribes in North America used mugwort for various medicinal purposes, as well. Mugwort oil is effective as a pesticide and has been used as such for years.

Mugwort Magical Properties

We’ve talked culinary and medicinal properties of mugwort, now let’s talk about the mugwort’s many magical properties! The most popular magical property of mugwort is dream work. Mugwort contains a constituent called thujone, which is also present in Wormwood. Wormwood is the Mildly psychoactive ingredient in absinthe. WARNING: thujone is toxic in high amounts or over a prolonged period of time!

Drink mugwort tea before bed and you’ll receive vivid and sometimes prophetic dreams. In addition to mugwort being a dreaming herb, it is also effective for the following: opening the third eye/psychic abilities, attracting and ridding ghosts, divination, protection and cleansing.

6 POWERFUL Mugwort Magical Uses

How you use mugwort in your personal practice is entirely up to you! However, if you need ideas, here are 6 powerful mugwort uses for magic:

1. Burn Magic Mugwort for Spirit Work

One of the most potent mugwort magic uses is to burn it in a bundle to attract spirits. This is a particularly favorite method for paranormal investigators and mediums alike. Burn the bundle and use it to smoke-cleanse yourself before spirit work. Then when you’re done with spirit contact, cleanse yourself again and step over the burning bundle (carefully!) This ensures no spirits follow you home. Mugwort has long been associated with spirit contact.

2. Drink Mugwort Magic Tea for Dreaming

Drinking a bit of mugwort tea before bed will often provide lucid and prophetic dreams. Mugwort is well-known in the magical community for being a dream-inducer. Personally, it sometimes also induces waking spiritual visions. Be careful with mugwort tea, though: don’t drink it too often and if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding do not drink it at all!

3. Mugwort Magic Uses: Protection Spell Bag

Mugwort is not just an herb for psychic abilities and piercing the



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