Lessons in Magical Herbalism: Dandelion by MACKENZIE SAGE WRIGHT

Don’t diss the dandelion! public domain

A Magical Herb: Dandelion
I remember when I was little, I thought dandelions were just the sweetest little gifts of the earth. Every spring, those cheerful little yellow blossoms would start dotting the roadside patches of grass, bursting from between the cracks in the sidewalk, and dotting the rare patches of lawn across Brooklyn. When they turned white, who could resist blowing away those seeds?

I remember a neighbor telling me not to do that. ‘They’re weeds,’ he said. ‘You’ll just make more grow next year’.

Weeds? These cute little things? I was shocked. It seemed to me that there was a pervasive arrogance in human beings. If we didn’t specifically plant something there and it grew, it was dubbed a weed. I bet if rose bushes grew all on their own on people’s lawns, they’d be considered ‘weeds’. But if crabgrass was expensive and hard to grow, people would be trying to make it grow all over their yards.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

But these little beauties, as it turns out, are actually the gifts I’ve always suspected they were. And here’s why you should consider growing some in your magical garden.

Dandelions in Bloom Are So Cheerful!
Don’t diss the dandelion!
Don’t diss the dandelion!

public domain

Details About Dandelions

READ MORE HERE: https://exemplore.com/wicca-witchcraft/Lessons-in-Magical-Herbalism-Dandelion


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