Discover Nutmeg Magical Properties

What is Nutmeg?

Originally from Indonesia, nutmeg is a perennial plant whose fruit produces a hard grain covered with a membrane.

This grain is precisely the spice that we use so much in the kitchen, which is enough to scratch and add to any dish to give it a subtle and enjoyable taste.

However, the most crucial part of it are its various health benefits.

The name nutmeg is of medieval origin, dating back to when not knowing the background of the spice it was commonly called walnut with the scent of musk.

The first mention on the plant dates back, to the first century when Pliny the Elder in his writings spoke of a tree that had two distinct aromas – hot and spicy aroma and aroma that’s similar to a mix of cinnamon and pepper.

pliny the elder
Pliny the Elder

Although it was widespread in Arab markets for centuries, in Europe, it became more popular in the sixteenth century, becoming one of the most sought-after spices.

In fact, so much so that it was the subject of bitter hostility among Western countries, which tried to win the trading monopoly.

Esoteric and Magical Uses of Nutmeg

Ruled by the planet Jupiter and the Fire element, nutmeg was considered to provide money, health, loyalty, and, therefore, has been widely used in good luck and health spells.

  1. An ancient spell indicates that to avoid and combat rheumatism, colds, neuralgia, and eye styes, it was necessary to make a necklace with nutmeg and star anise, and a person should wear it at all times.
  2. Even a nutmeg hanging on a thread around a child’s neck was believed to help him/her in the teething process.
  3. According to an old method used by European witches, to cure warts for male patients, a woman should give them nutmeg, and vice versa. The patient should place the nutmeg in his/her pocket, taking it out occasionally to nibble on it. Over time, both nutmeg and a wart should get smaller and smaller.
  4. To increase your well-being, 



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