Missing My Magickal Forest By Lady Silver Sage

Photo – Hubert Van Denborre

When I moved to a different village, I not only left behind my witchy cottage and garden, but I also had to leave my precious, Magickal forest behind. There were some tears, but not many, because I thought I was moving to a place that had more people like me.

I had been there before, quite a few times for birthdays and bar-b-ques in the summer, and everything seemed so cheery and right. There were wide-open fields all around where I was going to make my new home and I thought that that would be just fine…perhaps an alternative to my Magickal forest that I had loved and walked through so many years of my life.

Unfortunately, I soon found out that the fields, no matter how big and beautiful they are, can not replace the quiet, green, peace of a forest. The tears soon flooded down my cheeks, every time I thought about the Magickal forest that I had left behind. I had begun not feeling so well after being in my new place, as my mind, body, and spirit longed for my gentle forest.

One day, I felt the pull of the forest so strongly that I finally got into my car and drove and drove…and drove, until at long last, I came upon a very small patch of beautiful deciduous trees. Full of hope and growing excitement, I turned off the main road that I had been driving on for what seemed almost an hour, and maneuvered my car just far enough off the road so as not to be hit by another, and also not to get stuck in the soft, moist earth that had long slender blades of emerald green grass emerging from it.

Getting out of the car, I inhaled and exhaled as I quietly said, “Please, dear Spiritual Support Group, please let this be just right for me.” When I carefully and quietly walked into the forest, I found that it was a lot larger than I thought it was when I saw it from the main road. My heart was pounding with hope. I got my compass out to check my direction to be able to get back to my car and then I began walking along what looked like pathways from many years ago.

Ten minutes into the forest, I stopped and looked around. There were some fallen trees that looked to have a huge circumference, and I walked over to the biggest one and ran my fingers over the soft, light-green moss that had decided to make its home there. Turning around with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart, the clouds began to clear, and the sun came out in full force, shining through the trees. I leaned back against that massive, old, fallen tree and relaxed. A warm, gentle, breeze tickled my ear, and I could have sworn I heard faint laughter and a voice that whispered, “Merry Meet, We welcome you to your new Magickal Forest. ♥


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