10 Top Rated Vegan Condom Brands by Kristen M. Stanton

Have you ever wondered, “Are condoms vegan?” Well, the answer is – it depends. The main ingredient that makes some condoms not vegan is casein, which is the key protein found in milk. Casein is commonly used in the production of latex (which many condoms are made of) to give it a smooth texture. The good news is, today, there are a few options for condoms that are not made with casein (and are still smooth), which I’ll provide details for below. But first…

A Few Words About Your Safety

I’m all for taking risks. That is, not stupid ones. And when it comes to your health, please don’t take any stupid risks. You come into this world with one body. You don’t get a spare. It’s the only one you’ve got – this body that will automatically do everything it can to get you through life. Your body is hardwired to heal, to keep you safe, to keep you strong – if you just take care of it. Your body keeps on going, even when you think mean things about it, like you don’t like parts of it. It puts up with all of your negative thoughts, and it keeps performing to the best of its abilities. Please take care of your body, and this means practicing safe sex.

Anyone who might expect you to take risks with your health is not someone you should be hanging out with anyway, especially having sex with. Anyone who would ask you to not practice safe sex is someone you should avoid. That is a selfish and foolish person. Don’t waste your time on selfish and foolish people. Especially because there are so many cool and wonderful people in the world who are for more deserving of your precious time and energy.

Ok. There’s my lecture for the day. Now, on to the vegan rubbers!

Vintage Couple Kissing

What are condoms made of?

Traditionally, condoms were made from the intestinal membranes of lambs (not vegan!) This dates back to the start of the Roman Empire (753 BC.) It’s important to note that lamb “skin” condoms do not protect you from STDs, including HIV. Also, no big surprise here, lambskin condoms supposedly smell gross.

Rubber Trees
Rubber Trees.

What’s in latex condoms?

Another common material used for condoms is latex, which originally comes from natural rubber trees. Modern latex is made with some synthetic processes, so it’s more rubber-like than what you’d consider to be 100% natural rubber, like the natural rubber used in some of the flip flops and vegan shoes I present on UniGuide.

Other materials that are used to make condoms today include polyurethane, which is a plastic compound, and polyisoprene, which is a totally synthetic, “non-latex” latex that doesn’t contain the allergens found in standard latex. I’ll get into more details on these below.

Pros and Cons of Latex Condoms

Latex condoms are effective at preventing pregnancy, as well as STDs, including HIV.

One of the downsides to latex condoms is

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