What’s a Sun Witch? By Lady Alethea

It seems like all witches are obsessed with the moon, but that is definitely not the case.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Ifyou’ve read up on Wicca or witchcraft at all, you’ve probably come across mentions of the moon and drawing its power more than once. But what about the sun? Why do more witches seem to be drawn to the moon than the great ball of fire none of us could live without? Well, it turns out there is really no answer for that, so we decided to take some time to give sun witches the spotlight for a change– After all, the moon would not have any reflective energy without the sun!

It’s easy to see why so many witches live their lives by the moon: Each year contains 13 moon cycles, and for female witches, these cycles have a direct connection with our bodies and how they function. Women, likewise, have 13 cycles a year.

Furthermore, the moon can seem sexy, mysterious, and unique. It’s a little counter-culture if you will. However, in the world of witchcraft, being a sun witch is one of the most counter-culture witches to be. So, what is a sun witch, and how are they different from moon witches?

What makes a Sun Witch:

Honestly, there is not a whole lot of difference between sun and moon attended witches. The only major difference is where each feels more comfortable drawing power. Some prefer to draw power from deities, others draw power from elements of nature, like the sun or moon.

For those who are new to the concept: There are many different kinds of witches and ways to go about witchcraft. Every witch will have methods that differ slightly from everyone else. Overall, witchcraft is largely a solo practice, each witch is unique and will possess their own talents. And just like any other person with a specialty, most witches “specialize” in one or more kinds of magic. For example; divination, potion-making, candle magic, sex magic, and so on.

The sun is often considered masculine energy, and according to some beliefs, is necessary to balance the feminine energy of the moon. This does not make sun witches more masculine and neither energy source is more powerful than the other. Again, it is all a matter of preference and natural attunement — Just like being a morning person or a night owl. Though it might be easy to assume that all sun-witches are morning people, this is definitely not always the case either. Being one or the other has more to do with which works better for you personally, and which time of the day you do your most powerful spellwork.

While moon energy tends to be more introspective, reflective, and reserved, great for magic geared toward guidance, healing, and emotion– Sun energy is proactive, meditative, and outgoing. This makes it great for action, energizing, and physical manifestations, such as wealth, power, or success.

Sun Magic:

Sun magic can be used by anyone at any time as long as the sun is shining in the sky. Starting with sunrise and ending with sunset, different times of the day often have their own strengths which should be kept in mind when spellcasting. For example, spells that deal with new beginnings, such as a road opening spell, would be best cast in the morning while the sun’s energy is rising; whereas spells geared toward power and success would be best cast when the sun’s light is strongest.

Sun potions are made the same way as moon water. To charge a potion with the sun’s energy: Simply leave the potion to bask in the light of the sun. The same technique can be used for charging crystals or other magical items.

Spotting a Sun Witch:

Once you know what you’re looking for, spotting a sun-witch becomes easy and you might be surprised by how many you already know without realizing it! First of all, sun witches are likely sunbathers. It’s not uncommon for a sun witch to lay in the full strength of the sun without the need for shade or protective covering, such as an umbrella or oversized hat (though sunscreen is still recommended). They are the kind of people who will purposely choose the sunniest spot in a cafe and don’t seem bothered when the sun creeps across their face, they may even shift along with it to maximize absorption.

Sun witches are fond of warm colors and prefer gold over silver. When most people think of witches, it is easy to picture someone who wears a lot of black or someone who tends to favor cool jewel tones like deep purple, royal blue, or emerald green. Sun witches, however, are just as likely to be caught in a bright floral sun-dress and rarely use cool colors when dressing or decorating their spaces.

It should also come as no surprise that sun witches tend to be more gloomy and sluggish during the winter months, as they are more often spring or summer people. Because sun witches 

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