Athame: Do’s and Don’ts of Your Ritual Knife By Spells8

Whether you’re a practicing Witch or just a newcomer to the Craft, you may have heard about the athame, the ritual dagger of Western witchcraft and occultism. Let’s explore some ideas on what to do with an athame in your Magic practice.

An athame is a double-edged dagger, generally made of steel and with a black handle. It is used by Neopagan practitioners in their rituals, to manipulate and direct energies. The athame is a ritual tool and it can be used to create inscriptions and images of a Magical nature, such as sacred circles and pentagrams (five-pointed stars).

Athame: Ritual dagger
Athame: ritual dagger by Volmarr

How to Use an Athame: 5 Ideas

1. Do: Consecrate your athame

Consecration means setting the tool apart from the mundane, i.e. making it sacred. Stories of swords with magical names and powers are very common in mythical literature. Feel free to give your athame a name or ask your athame for its name.

Bless your tool with a consecration ritual as explained here. As with other Magical tools, the athame acquires our energy with its contact and use. Optionally, carve symbols of power or protection on its handle.

2. Do: Keep your athame in a safe place

The athame is a very personal tool of the Witch, almost an extension of the practitioner’s will. It should be treated with respect as its presence alone can set the mood of your rituals and help you raise energy during a spell.

Witches altar: Athame knife
Can you spot the Athame on Roxanne‘s altar?

Keep it on your altar with your other tools during ritual and store it away in a safe place. Put the sheath on while not in use to protect the blade. Every so often, you may want to clear your tools’ energies with a cleansing ritual, as you would do during a candle cleansing.

3. Do: Cast a circle with your athame

The athame is a powerful tool for defining limits and boundaries. You can use your athame to ceremonially mark these limits. Its common for the Wiccan High Priest/ess to use an athame to trace the circle before ritual in a coven setting. Learn how to cast a circle here.

4. Do: Draw a 



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