What Is A Witch? By The Silver Sage Witch

Photo by Henry Baltimore

A Witch is many things and many people rolled into one, at least the way I see it.

A Witch is strong, yet also has a vulnerable side as well. We as witches must be strong in order to be able to effect change. We use our inner power, as well as our outer persona to help change the things that we know need to be changed.

We are the carers of Mother Earth; picking up garbage from the road-side, forests, fields, sidewalks, beaches and more. We care about our Mother Earth and we know that Her health and well-being is essential to the survival and life of humans and animals. We acknowledge the unfair treatment of the innocent and helpless ones, and try to set it straight, through Magick, and also through mundane means.

We are the ones that know that everyone and everything is connected and that there truly is a ripple effect regarding anything that is done by one…or more, be it positive or negative.

We are passionate about protecting those and that which are near and dear to our hearts. We are also passionate about fun, laughter, love, romance, and all that touches our souls. We are the eccentric ones that some people fear (out of ignorance), but we are also the attentive, steadfast ones that you can rely on when it all goes down.

We are healers, we are light-workers. We are mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, friends, wives, lovers, artists, lawyers, doctors, writers, and therapists.

WE ARE STRONG, POSITIVE, CHANGE, in a sometimes cruel, ignorant world.

Blessed Be


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