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Egg Cleanse: How To Do An Egg Cleansing & Read the Meaning

In recent years, a practice called an egg cleansing ritual has gained popularity in the online witchcraft community. One might think this is a new, modern practice but in reality, the egg cleanse dates back centuries. And its origins are spread out across cultures. Eggs are a powerful tool in any witch’s or magical practitioner’s repertoire. Here we teach you why eggs are a potent ingredient in removing negative energy. PLUS how to do an egg cleansing ritual and how to read the egg afterward.

First, Why Are Egg Cleansings A Thing?

I am one that believes certain practices of our ancestors are passed down over generations, and certain practices are just ingrained in our DNA and spiritual memory. Either way, we have our ancestors to thank for these powerful rituals. One such ritual is called the egg cleanse. We all know how important it is to cleanse yourself and your space regularly. But why is an egg used as a purifying tool?

Egg Magick & Oomancy

First, we have to look at the magick of the egg itself. Typically when we say “eggs”, we are mostly referring to a chicken’s egg. But there are eggs from other animals that can also be used in magick and cleansing rituals. However, we recommend sticking to the chicken variety. And here’s why – the chicken in and of itself has a gods-given ability to keep evil at bay. Many cultures and traditions believe chickens “scratch” away evil spirits and/or scare any that are near. So, yes! It is good luck and a great natural warding device to have chickens in your yard or on your property.

Eggs = Protection

That being said, eggs by default are also protective. But think of their actual physical make-up: the egg yolk and whites are contained in a hard, protective shell. Egg magick is both protective and can be used to increase fertility. Eggs actually have a long history of being used in folk magic from various traditions including: African diasporic, Mesoamerican, Romani, German Folk Magic (Pow Wow), and were even used by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Celtic Druids.

Oomancy…Ohhhh Eggs

Oomancy is a form of ancient divination in which the individual “reads” eggs as messages from the gods. There were various ways of doing this including cracking an egg into water and reading the pattern of the whites and yolk. Some people read the lines, cracks, and color of eggshells. I know today we have mass-produced chicken eggs that are all mostly of pure white color. But back in the day, and on free ranging farms, eggs took on different colors, shapes and some were even speckled.

Speaking of eggshells, when you’re done reading them, you can use them as flying vehicles. Witches in Medieval Times were said to fly around in empty eggshells, as were fairies. Most people discarded their eggshells quickly so as not to encourage mischievous magic-makers from taking them.

How to Do An Egg Cleansing Ritual

What You’ll Need:

  • One egg (and have a back-up in case you drop or crack the egg)
  • A candle
  • Glass filled halfway with clean water

How to do an egg cleansing on yourself or another person:

  1. Begin by cleansing the egg of any negativity it might have picked up before reaching you. I like to carefully run the egg over a candleflame (not through it, but over it. I don’t want to cook the egg, just let the fire’s light touch it to cleanse it of negative vibes).
  2. Next, start at the top of the head and gently roll the egg in counter-clockwise circles around the crown of the head, if you can close your eyes and focus on



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