How To Make Moon Water: Steps & Secrets By 2Spirits

What Is Moon Water?

Lunar energy is known for its high spiritual powers. Before moving on to how to make moon water, let us see what exactly is it. Moon water is made to tap the lunar energy and use it for your well-being. It can be made with any water and during any lunar phase. However, experts claim that moon water made during the full moon or the new moon is most potent.

The Moon’s energy has been the center of spirituality and magic all around the globe. Even mental health experts admit that a person’s mental state changes according to the moon’s phases. Readers of have surely noticed high energy levels during the full moon or a new moon, or some other changes.

Why Does It Work

There is no scientific proof about what makes the moon water so powerful. But we really don’t have proof about so many things, and yet they work out so well! The theory behind the moon’s water is that the human body is made up of 70% water and the moon is known to affect earthly phenomena like tides with its gravitational power.

Moon Water

The moon is said to hold mystic powers, similar to those that stars and constellations have. So, it is quite obvious that we humans will also get affected by the moon. Also, the moon is said to possess healing powers. It helps you get rid of all the negativity in your mind and soul. It is also known to manifest your deepest desires. That’s why there are so many rituals that need to be done only during certain lunar phases for maximum results.

Moon water is not a commercial thing. It needs to be made at home with your utmost sincerity. After you make it, store it in the home, spritz it, use it for cleansing purposes, or simply sip.

Moon Water Benefits

Moon water is the purest form to collect the moon’s positive aura. A few drops and you will notice an instant change in your environment. You can use it for spiritual awakening, manifestation, removal of negative energies, and overall for cordial and peaceful relations.

Let us see what its benefits are.

Spiritual benefits

Moon and spirituality have always gone hand in hand. The moon symbolizes how you need to flow with the universe. Like the moon, you can increase or decrease with time, but what matters is you rise again and shine again.

You cannot be diminished. This spiritual theory makes lunar energy a perfect pathway to spiritual awakening. Use the moon’s water to get rid of all the material thoughts and lead yourself toward the ultimate peace.


If you wish for something dear, using moon water is an excellent 



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