Protection Spell Work, by Lady Silver Sage

Tuesday is ok to do Protection Spells, but, Tuesdays are more aggressive in nature…ruled by Mars, it is a Warrior Planet – powered by rash, mostyly un-thought-out defenses which in most cases turn out to be swift, un-just, un-healing, revengeful acts instead of handling the situition or person in the most non-warring, non confrontational way. Forget not that the God Aries is the God of war – and is the true depiction of, in a sense, unbridled Chaos, in this case. 

However, Saturday is a very auspicious and powerful time to do Protection Spells because then we are working with the Power of Saturn which is ruled by the God Cronus who is the God of success, wealth, power, time, dissolution, and liberation. The Power of Saturn can help you to defuse a situation that is making you sad or making you feel hurt etc.  Saturn is a veeery big boy and can suck up – neutralize – and dissapate evil, destruction, sadness, jealousy, and thwart the plans and actions of those who wish to do you or those you love harm.

We as Witches normally love Peace and Positivity, therefore, I find an ‘in your face’ approach with most things can actually backfire. It may be a good idea to achieve your results by working in harmony as much as possible instead of fighting fire with fire. Yep…it took me many years to learn AND practice this.

Harm None, So Mote It Be!

Lady Silver Sage aka The Silver Sage Witch


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