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“Relaxing Beautiful Instrumental Music, Peace Instrumental Music “Flowers in October” By Tim Janis”

Happy Samhain/Halloween!

Enjoy this beautiful relaxing video with animals and all of amazing Nature, with an Autumnal setting.

The photography AND music- incredible!

I’ll definitely make my body butter with the Arrowroot powder next time!

It’s so good to be able to make your own beauty products because you can use the exact ingredients that you’d like to and you know that there’s NOTHING that will cause any damage to your body.

Do you make your own beauty products?

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“I had a dream!”

Love and kindness to you, The Silver Sage Witch of

Witch Quickie Wednesdays – Smudgy stuff! By The Silver Sage Witch

Merry Meet! Glad that you’re here 🙂 If you’re a witch or you’re just someone who’s curious about how to do it, here’s a helpful quickie on how to make a smokin smudge-stick from beginning to end.

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PS. Please be kind to all…yes, that includes yourself ♥