Relaxing Natural Spa Day by Penniless Pagan

(With Items From Your Kitchen!)

I have a confession to make—I don’t like primping and preening.

It’s weird, because I love colorful clothes and skirts and bangle bracelets and all things sparkly. But I really don’t like taking the time for facials, pedicures, and many of the things most women view as “me time.” Makeup to me is mascara and face powder. I’m really dressed up if I bother with eye shadow. And while I loved me some thick eyeliner as a teen, I almost never wear it any longer. 

Don’t get my wrong—I still wash my face nightly, shave my legs, and try my best not to smell like old gym socks, but all the extraneous stuff feels like a chore. I still do it, but only because I want my hair soft and shiny, and I don’t want eyebrows that rival Bert from Sesame Street

Maybe it’s because I’m kind of a hippie. Maybe some of the luster was lost the day I threw out all of my hormone-disrupting perfumes and swapped my shampoo for clay-based masks. But not all my grooming love is lost, because I do enjoy experimenting with essential oils for new fragrances, and I take pride in making my own lotions and tinctures. And I adore the soft feel of my hands after a good coconut coffee scrub.

See, not all hippies are dirty hippies. 😉

So whether you’re feeling the need for some you time, or you’re just tired of the cold winter weather wreaking havoc on your dry skin, I’m sharing three of my favorite spa day kitchen-born treats that will make you feel pampered and refreshed without having to take off your sweats or put on a bra!

Honey Face Mask
Did you know 



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