Learn to love yourself – Step by step Spell & Ritual

Merry Meet dear Magickal Family!
Todays’ topic: Learn to love yourself – Step by step Spell & Ritual.
I must admit that I’m a little nervous about sharing some of my deepest
secrets with you, so please be kind if you will. ♥

May this video & channel be of great assistance to you.
Blessed Be,
Lady Silver Sage of:
witchcraftandmore.com (Blog & website)
A Witches Life (YouTube channel)
The Academy of International Witch-Crafting©

Spell: It’s time, I learn, to love myself,
It’s not just about outer beauty,
nor just about wealth.
My face, my body, and my other perfect imperfections,
have led me to go, in a much better direction.
Your standard of how I need to be,
no longer apply,
for I now
break free!
Here are the times for you to skip forward, if you so prefer.
00:00:33:10 Beginning
00:02:01:09 Things needed for our Ritual
00:14:24:16 Smudging and such
00:15:35:03 Begin of Spell & Ritual


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