How to Analyze and Understand the Significance of Your Dreams By Glenn Stok

I like to study dream research and how it relates to human psychology, and I share my findings in this essay for you to learn with me.

Understand Your Dreams
Understand Your DreamsImage by Victor Habbick via | text added by author

We all know it’s important to dream for our health and sanity. It’s our mind’s way of resolving issues while we sleep.

You probably wish you could remember your dreams to understand the meaning behind them. I’ll explain how to do that to understand the significance of your dreams.

What Are the Benefits of Dreaming?

Let’s begin with four benefits of dreaming so you’ll appreciate why we need to dream. Then I’ll cover five possible ways to remember your dreams so you can analyze and understand them.

1. Your Dreams Can Help Rectify Outstanding Emotional Issues

We dream as a way of healing emotionally. Our brain is trying to work out a problem that has been troubling us. That could be a known issue or even something in the back of our minds. Something that we haven’t been dealing with for reasons that might be too devastating.

Our brain tries to satisfy interrelationships among all the unresolved issues we have by randomly playing out representations of everyday actual and physical things in our lives. You might consider those random dreams weird, but it’s a way of restoring the brain’s ability to simplify daily occurrences.1

Outstanding issues are especially crucial to reconcile to have a healthy mind and live a productive life. When I need to resolve challenging matters, I sometimes take the time to sit and meditate on them. I try to think my way through it to develop a constructive solution.

However, that isn’t always easy to accomplish, and that’s when our brain takes over while we sleep. The trick it uses is to combine random and sometimes weird episodes, which can form a more natural connection of misguided thoughts that fulfill that constructive solution we need to achieve.

2. Your Dreams Can Provide Creative Inspiration

What is our brain trying to achieve as it pieces together a somewhat meaningless series of 



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