Raising the Dead: Can Whistling Call Forth Spirits? By Cindy Parmiter

Stories of restless souls being drawn to the sound of whistling are more common than one might think.

Photo by silvana amicone on Unsplash

Cindy is a paranormal enthusiast and author of over twenty books on the subject of true supernatural phenomena.

The Things That Dwell in the Dark

“Demons are like obedient dogs, they come when called.” These words by French poet Remy de Gourmont would be comical if not for the grain of truth they hold. For those who call forth the things that dwell in the netherworld—whether by accident or design—the outcome is seldom pleasant.

Some cultures believe that the beings most of us go out of our way to avoid are often inadvertently summoned by the otherwise innocuous practice of whistling. Although perfectly acceptable in the daylight, it is thought that to engage in this joyful practice after midnight, especially indoors, is asking for trouble.

It is in the hours when the world is sleeping that hellhounds and other malevolent entities are said to be capable of breaking through the barriers that separate us from them. Of course, they cannot do so without an invitation. Whistling, but only when it reaches the optimum pitch, is one method that those with foolhardy intentions have used to

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