What Is An Athame Knife and How Do You Use It? By The Pagan Grimoire

When it comes to witchcraft, there are a number of essential ritual tools. And one of the most important of these is the athame knife. also known as the witch’s blade. Some of the other important magical tools include the wand, the chalice, and pentacle.

When you set up an altar, you’ll usually place most of these on it, along perhaps with candles, incense, and other items. But, while most of those remain on the altar while you do your work, you’ll use your athame actively throughout. Here’s your guide to what an athame is and when you should use it.



The athame dagger is, traditionally, a black-handled, double-edged blade used for directing energy in ritual. In Gardnerian witchcraft, it represents the element of fire. For other traditions, it represents the element of air. In most, however, it represents masculine energy.

Athame — pronounced Aah-thuh-may — is the combination of 

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