12 Magical Properties of Cloves by Carla Greenwood

(Cleansing, Protection, Attract Abundance & More)

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Cloves are an iconic staple in the kitchen but they also have a rich history of use in protection, luck, and love spells. In fact, this spice was revered so much in Ancient Rome that it became more highly prized than gold! Read on to learn about the magical properties of cloves, their spiritual benefits and how you can use them in your own life.

What do cloves symbolize?

The word ‘clove’ comes from the old French word clou and the Latin word clavus, meaning nail, which refers to their unique shape. The clove tree is native to the Molucca Islands in Indonesia where the dried flower buds were regularly traded to Ancient Rome and China. Cloves were so highly regarded in these cultures that only the wealthy could afford them. So, they quickly became associated with prosperity.

They are masculine and protective in nature; aligned with the element of fire and the planet Jupiter. This makes them very effective in any spell to do with growth, money, legal issues, and abundance. Perhaps one of their most famous magical uses is in perfume balls to protect against illness, called pomanders.

By the 18th century, cloves were commonly pushed into oranges and offered as gifts at Christmas time for protection, or fragrant good luck charms for the new year. They are still sometimes gifted today, especially by those that follow Pagan traditions.

Spiritual benefits and magical properties of cloves

Table of Contents

1. Sprinkle clove dust to stop gossip about you

Feeling like you have become the target of unwanted gossip? Cloves can stop malignant gossip in its tracks! Simply grab a handful of cloves and grind them up with a pestle and mortar as you focus on the rumors that are being spread about you. Then sprinkle the clove dust over yourself. This is most effective just before you go into a situation where you feel you are going to be talked about. You can also sprinkle the powder onto lit charcoals and fumigate your body with the incense.

Alternatively, you can light a red candle (for energy, strength, and willpower) studded with cloves as you visualize the gossip that is surrounding you.

2. Use Orange and Clove Pomanders to attract abundance & raise your vibration

Orange and clove pomanders are a time-honored tradition that can help you attract abundance into your life. The uplifting scent of orange and clove will also promote positive vibrations which makes it the perfect ornament to have in your home!

To make the pomander, take an orange and start pushing cloves into the skin. You can be as creative as you like with this. Many people choose to create a pattern that is meaningful to them or you can simply create your own unique design. When you are done, it is customary to tie a red ribbon around your ornament and hang it up. You can also place the pomander in a red bowl to promote happiness and light within the home.

3. Burn cloves for

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