14 Amazing Uses And Benefits Of Sweet Orange Essential Oil by Fab Naturals

Benefits & Uses Of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

If you have been following us, then you know what are the different types of essential oils and how beneficial they are for us. In this piece, we will be revealing yet another natural wonder – the sweet orange essential oil.

We all love the citrusy smell of this bright colored fruit. Think of it, you walk into a house or an office space with the amazing, uplifting aroma of sweet orange lingering all around you. Not only does it please your senses but it also calms down the anxious nerves and lightens your mood.

Sweet orange is an evergreen plant originating from south-western China and the Himalayas. They are believed to be the oldest cultivated fruits as per the Chinese literature. They were distributed across the world in 800 AD by Middle Eastern, African, Portuguese travelers, and traders.

While this might come across to you as an oil that you might not have heard of, but little would you know that you have been using it all along. The sweet orange essential oil is the special ingredient in most orange smelling cosmetics, body creams, soaps, toiletries, detergent, perfumes, and bath products. The essential oil of sweet orange has versatile uses and benefits and is loved for its fruity aroma. The oil has been used as a flavoring agent across major industries for the production of pharmaceutical products, cold drinks, candies or more.

Why do we need sweet orange essential oil?

Orange as a fruit is considered to be amongst the healthiest fruits in the world. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and a glass of orange juice a day is known to strengthen your immune system. The fruit itself carries amazing properties and offers many healing benefits.

The fruit of range controls and protects our cardiovascular health. Studies have been conducted to understand how citrus fruits like orange help prevent and decrease the possibility of stroke. It helps prevent the growth of cancerous tumors and helps the body get rid of antioxidants.

Every time you peel an orange you are greeted with the citrusy aroma. This rind of the fruit possesses healing properties. In traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, the peel has been used to treat cold, cough, digestive spasm, treat indigestion and anorexia.

The peel has also been tested for its carminative and tonic properties. From acne to hemostatic, to countering major liver disorders, the rind of this fruit is extremely powerful.

Read more about the health benefits of orange – one of the world’s most popular fruits and about its nutritional composition. You will be surprised to know how beneficial a few servings of this fruit can be for your body.

How is the sweet orange essential oil derived?

The essential oil of sweet orange is derived from

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