How to Work with Spirits in Witchcraft by TAROTPUGS

Find out how to work with spirits in witchcraft, magick, spells and divination.

Working with spirits in witchcraft is commonly known as necromancy; there are different ways to go about working with spirits in magick depending on your ability, expertise, knowledge and comfort level.

Necromancy is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In this post, we’ll cover how to work with the spirits that are familiar to you, that are often around you and that know you rather than summoning up unfamiliar spirits that you don’t know.

Here we’ll cover:

  • Who your (familiar) spirits are and who they aren’t
  • How to differentiate between your (familiar) spirits, your loved ones in spirit and unknown/wandering spirits
  • The difference between high magick and low (folk) magick necromancy and spirit work
  • How to introduce yourself to your spirits
  • What offerings to make to your spirits
  • Protection needed when working with spirits
  • Different types of workings, divination and magick with your spirits

How to Work with Spirits in Witchcraft

Who your (familiar) spirits are and who they aren’t

When talking about who familiar spirits are, this refers to the spirits that are always around you and willing to help you in your daily life and sometimes magickal workings.

If you’re a practitioner or witch who’s used to spirit visitations, you may be acquainted with the spirits that are often around you or that frequently visit.

These spirits (which can be called familiar – not to be confused with familiars which are often as animal familiars – rather these are spirits that you’re used to in some way and aren’t foreign to you) can often be ancestors, people that you’ve known from past lives or spirits that are drawn to you and your type of work or that you have some kind of bond or spirit agreement.

These spirits work to watch over the practitioner or witch, protect them and their home, and can assist with magickal workings if asked and if the spirits agree with the working or magick.

In some cases, you may get the names or appearances of the spirits around you and in other cases, you may not get their names at all.

Names are not as important in the spirit world as names are only really connected to the physical world.

While saints, deities and other mythological figures have names, other familiar spirits may not be attached to their previous incarnate names and decide not to have a name or they may choose a different name that they want to be called.

So if you don’t immediately get a name of your spirits or any name at all, don’t worry too much about it.

You’ll still be able to communicate with them and sense them through their energy and presence.

The spirits that are around you can also be 



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