The 6 Types of Spirits You Need To Know About by Amanda Linette Meder

Photo of pink surface with gold and white ornaments, a jungle style journal, and candle holders by Uby Yanes on Unsplash

When it comes to interacting in The Spirit World, it can take time to fine-tune your discernment, but it can also be a feel-good process.

Most of those in Spirit who are kind, positive, and for your growth, want you to feel good while you get there.

Think about your Spirit Team as a bunch of spirits who value and love you and want to keep you in this place of feeling as you accomplish life goals. 

It’s a lot like a corporation or a group of people who know your worth and are willing to extend it and resource share. 

The main types of Spirits it’s essential to know about are those who are on your team, rooting for you, and are thinking progressively with you to your life’s goal. 

Think of it like a group of people who make up the dream company you always wanted, this is your Spirit Team. 

Between Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides, along the way, each type of Spirit illuminates what they do through experience.

How you can benefit from connecting with one over the other is usually something you learn as you go, which is what makes the journey of connection kind of exciting. 

On top of that, each person has a variety of intuitive abilities they can use to connect with Spirit.

If you are first connecting with Spirit, know they can communicate through physical knocks and sounds. 

Still, they can also communicate through the transmission of feelings when you are tuned into the energy they represent. 

Some of us are feelers, some of us are healers, and some of us connect with Spirit using external cues or even clairvoyance.

So your gifts will also determine how you interpret the different spirit groups. Though, despite this, there are some similarities in how each spirit group behaves and what they can assist with. 

To get to know the main types of spirit groups, I go over the six most common below. 

6 main types of



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