Fae and Tea

Feeling sad?? All you need to do is get yourself a cup of delicious hot tea, get comfortable and quiet 🤫 hold you teacup, close your eyes and feel. Feel the Magickal vibes that the Fairies are encircling you with.

Be gentle with yourself…with the Fairies. They are real and if you have plants 🪴 or flowers 💐 they are there – depending on how well you treat the plants and flowers.

If you want to make the little ones comfortable and happy, be sure to put out some ginger and honey 🍯 for them.

Talk WITH them and tell them what it is that’s making you feel sad. They will listen, and then they will begin dancing 💃 around and spreading their ✨ ✨ sparkles and you, dear one, will begin to 😊 smile and feel better.


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