My Sparkles…

šŸŒ±A Witch, in her kitchen, enjoying the light of the setting sunšŸŒž, can stir up a whole lotta MagickāœØ!

If you take a moment to sit in the setting sun, quiet your mind, lower your beating heart, and really look closely, you’ll begin to see the sparklesāœØ of the normally unseen world.

You’re probably asking why this is so special. Well to a Witch, it’s special because that Is Magick at work – swirling all around you, connecting and enhancing your own Powers. Be sure to speak a word of thanks to the unseen world that interacts with you and let it know that YOU know that it’s there, and that you appreciate it.ā¤ļø

Affirmation: Magick is as real as I am!


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