Witch-Crafting For New Witches, by Lady Silver Sage aka The Silver Sage Witch

Did you know that the power of each day can be used in your Witchcraft? Each day has helpful correspondences that can help strengthen your Rituals and Spells, you just need to know what each correspondent in connection to each day is, and how to actually apply it to the Spell and or Ritual that you wish to use.

Sometimes, when new Witches start out on their Witch-Crafting Path, they are so energetic about it that they just dive right into it without really knowing what will help them and what will hinder their progress.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scolding anyone here because I’ve been there, done that, and had a long time recovering from it. So I know that feeling of excitement when first starting on the Witch-Crafting Path. However, after being a practicing Witch for over two decades, I would be wrong not to mention to you that you and your Magickal Working could be so much more powerful and successful if you really delve into the Witch-Crafting information that’s available to you. I’m not telling anyone what they need to do, but I am kindly suggesting.

So, in saying that, if you would like any help with becoming more successful with YOUR Witch-Crafting, please let me know, as I have a good amount of Witch-Crafting courses that I’ve made available to you. If you don’t see anything on my course line-up, send me a list of the Witch-Crafting things that you would like to learn about, and together, we will work out a course setup for you.

My email address is AIWC@web.de If you have questions and or requests, just ask me.

Stay Safe, Stay Curious,

Lady Silver Sage aka The Silver Sage Witch of

The Academy of International Witch-Crafting©


and Conjure Witchin Boutique©


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