Day of the Week Correspondences by Willow

Magic is everywhere.

We are magic ourselves but our external world is filled with energy and it shifts day to day, hour to hour.In the craft, we use magical correspondences for our candle colors, our herbs, crystals, and incense because using items with similar energies is a way to boost our work. We choose things that represent our intention and that carry the same vibration and create a sort of wave or frequency as all things that work together in harmony increases the power we are sending out.

Colors are used widely. Each one has its own vibration for the magic we are creating, but daily correspondences added to these colors can create a higher cohesiveness that adds to this collective wave of power.In our work, we combine and blend and raise our power while in the process of creation.

Everything we use adds to this magic and one way of adding to that power is by using practical correspondences in our craft.The correspondences of the days of the week are associated with planetary influence. There are colors and magical properties associated with workings listed below for each day of the week.Using the correspondences associated with the days of the week doesn’t mean that we cannot do magic on any day we choose, it just means that using them adds to the flow and increases the energy in our work.

You may even find that you have things lying around your house that you can easily incorporate without any additional burden.

There may be times when we just feel drained or not “magical” enough and the addition of these planetary energies may be the boost we just need some days. It happens to all of us.Using this list doesn’t have to mean that you change your magic at all, but if you’re looking for a boost, you cannot go wrong with the added influence 😉 

Everyone has an opinion about this, but test it out for yourself. See what works for you. No one knows more about your magic than you do.

There are other correspondences, so consult the Oracle of Google. This is my personal breakdown and info and shenanigans. Don’t ever expect less from me, I’m very much extra at all times.

Day: Sunday 
Planet: The Sun 
Colors: yellow and orange

The sun gives life and is one of the reasons I do Sunday Spell Day. It’s one of my favorite days to work. Solar magic is bright, vital, and full of such beautiful energy. Yes, this group is named for the moon, but that doesn’t mean that is the only planet I work with. I use them all. Sunday is the day of the beginning of the week. One thing I love to do is to sit quietly and write out my intentions for the week on Sunday morning while having coffee. It’s one of my favorite days. This day corresponds with success, wealth, hope, confidence and is a great day for personal development and to start new things. I always create a personal affirmation for the week on Sunday and pull a tarot card and an oracle card for the week. I have a friend who pulls a ruling card for the week and then a card for each day. I’m lazy. I’ll own it. I pull just one of each. You do you.

Day: Monday 
Planet: The Moon
Colors: silver and white

Mondays are different for me because I also use the corresponding moon phases for any work. It just makes sense to me. The moon rules our intuition, emotions, psychic development, female mysteries, and water magic – because she does rule the tide. Mondays are also a great day for dream work and anything for manifestation related to the the phases. Moon Day Magic comes and goes here since I am in rhythm with Luna. Maybe I should start sharing more water magic? We all know I obviously was a mermaid in past life and connect 



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