Witch Quickie Wednesday, on Tuesday! A Witches’ Walk + Making Hot Cocoa

It’s foggy and quiet outside where we live, and the beautiful land faeries are peeking out of their hiding places at the happy little excited puppy they love and know as Pumpkin. She’s excitedly running around, reading her ‘Pee-mails’ as she and her momma, the Silver Sage, make their way through the crisp, clean, German, country air.

After their walk, it’s time for Silver to have a cup of hot cocoa, and Pumpkin to have her puppy nap. But before they go inside their warm, cozy home they thank Mother Earth and all of the Angels and Magickal Folk for Blessing their day. Come and join us…

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My family and friends, I need you. Please send positive energy, prayers, and anything else good to me because tomorrow (Wednesday, 2 December 2020), is my court date with my ex-husband regarding the alimony he should be paying me. Thank you.

“Angel Messages + Goddess Oracle for the week of 30 November 2020”

Angel Blessings to you and yours!